Puzzle Games

All puzzle games are listed below.

  • Aquatomic

    Use the slider to match up atoms and create molecules.

  • Double

    In order to eliminate tiles, players need to match them in pairs and clear the screen.

  • Enigma

    One of the best puzzle apps on the market to date.

  • Fishie

    Move the fish around the screen to eat as much as possible.

  • Foldit

    The idea behind Foldit is to help scientists to discover new cures for problems such as cancer and AIDS.

  • Frets on Fire

    For those that love Guitar Hero on console, this is the next best thing. You need to be finger quick in order to keep...

  • Glider Pro

    Use your skills to control the paper aeroplane through the room of a house; avoiding all obstacles at the same time.

  • Hot Spot X

    The rules of Hot Spot X are slightly over complicated. Players need to use the 32 tiles to get to the middle of the 4...

  • Krank

    Players that are getting involved with Krank need to nudge balls around the screen in order to make strings of balls....

  • Mish-Mash

    Mish-Mash is a game where players rebuild pictures on a puzzle basis.

  • Numpty Physics

    Numpty Physics is not the average game, although the 2D format is certainly average. Players need to construct things...

  • Pairs

    Pairs is a game that certainly tests a player memory. All players need to do is find identical pictures. There are a...

  • Pakoon III: First Blood

    Chicks need to escape and you have been sent to help; blow up anything that stands in their way.