Classic Games

All classic games are listed below.

  • Argonaut

    Similar to Asteroids; but a lot better!

  • Atomic Worm

    Similar to the legendary although it has been fine tuned with modifications to make it that much more exciting in the...

  • Bomberman

    Murder enemies and blow up obstacles to slowly progress through Bomberman and work your way through the levels.

  • BombSquad

    Similar to Minesweeper, players need to empty the grid before they are blown to pieces!

  • Boxer

    Boxer is essentially a similar simulator that revives all time favourites such as Pinball, Underworld and many more,...

  • Bricksmith

    Bricksmith allows players to create Lego models, a challenging task.

  • Coblyn

    The idea behind Coblyn is to collect diamonds; enough to progress to the next level. This is a retro style game, so...

  • Connect4 Fisa

    Drop discs into a grid to create a line of four horizontally, vertically or diagonally before your computer opponent...

  • Crack Attack

    Crack Attack is a fairly simple game and is much like Tetris Attack, which was originally launched for the Super...

  • HexAddict

    Another Minesweeper based replica, although the graphics and sound effects are much better.

  • JewelToy

    JewelToy is certainly a game that has been based on Bejeweled. Players need to move the jewels around so that they...

  • MacSwear

    A Mac app collection could not be considered complete without a classic worm game, which is exactly what MacSwear...

  • Mario Paint Composer

    Become a composer using Mario Paint Composer!

  • Otis

    Otis is similar to Tetris; simply match blocks to remove them from the game play.

  • Pac the Man

    This game really needs no introduction and is similar to Pac-Man.

  • Pingus

    Be the leader of the pack and take them where they want to go; similar to Lemmings.

  • Plasma Pong

    Players need to push as much plasma fluid into the environment as possible and send shock waves through the area of...

  • Quinn

    Quinn is a basic copy of Tetris, although it can be played on a multi-player basis.

  • Simon Extreme

    Take note of the colour patterns that you see before you. Remember them and then replicate them.

  • Snake Quest

    Eat crystals by aiming for them. The complexity increases as does the size of the snake, so the game gets harder and...