Card Games

All card games are listed below.

  • Freecell

    Freecell is basically a Solitaire game that is designed for Mac OS X.

  • MacSolitaire

    You simply can not beat a good old version of solitaire, especially when it has some minor mods!

  • Neuronyx

    Using memory, match cards as quickly as possible.

  • OneCard

    Similar to Uno, players need to match their cards to the computerized opponent.

  • Poker Solitarus

    Play only the best hands in order to win!

  • PySolFC

    PySolFC is one of the biggest collections of solitaire based games. It includes the likes of French, Oriental and...

  • Solitaire Greatest Hits

    Solitaire Greatest Hits is a small collection of 12 different versions of solitaire, which allows each player to...

  • Solitaire XL

    Solitaire XL is one of the best new solitaire games. It allows players to feel like they are actually playing with a...

  • Solitarus

    Like many other comparable games, Solitarus incorporates excellent graphics throughout.