Board Games

All board games are listed below.

  • GNU Backgammon

    GNU Backgammon is one of the best games of its kind. The capabilities of this game are above and beyond any other...

  • Goban

    Goban can be played against the computerized opponent, or a another player via a multi-player connection.

  • Gridlock

    Gridlock is essentially a collection of games, rather than just one. Among the collection of games is Gomoko, Connect...

  • Ivory

    Ivory allows players to get involved with a solitaire type game with a simple twist. Again, it incorporates excellent...

  • Latrunculi

    Set in ancient Rome, this board game needs skill and strategy in order for players to beat their opponent.

  • Marble Solitarus

    Marbles need to be launched in order to clear the board; in a group of course!

  • MyMahj

    Match tiles and then clear the board; all in 3D!

  • MySokoban

    Players need to move boxes throughout the maze, being careful not to get stuck on their travels.

  • Oops!

    Get the pieces allocated and move them around the board quickly, directing your opponent back to the beginning....

  • Spin Around

    Coloured balls appear in Spin Around and players need to line them up in order for them to be extracted from the game...

  • SudokuAdept

    Fill the numbers out in each grid so that 1-9 is included in every single block in order to complete the game. Time...

  • SuperBrain

    This is essentially a clone of MasterMind, although this cersions does feel a lot more complex and therefore; much...

  • Tintin

    Utilizing Tintin characters, this game is a must for fans.

  • Ultimate Othello

    This really does feel like a board game and one that requires a lot of technical strategic ability. By cornering an...