Action Games

All action games are listed below.

  • AssaultCube

    An extremely realistic looking 1st person shooting game, that includes a multi-player option for those that want real...

  • Bug Defender

    Bug Defender allows players to buy weapons and then adjust them to suit their game plan. They need to kill all the...

  • Marathon

    Marathon is a shooting game that now has plenty of support, alongside some Open Source development going on.

  • Nexuiz

    This game is similar to Quake III, so is extremely exciting, not to mention being 3D and therefore; realistic.

  • OpenArena

    A new freeware Mac game that has a range of bots and has been created using the Q3A engine as a basis for...

  • OpenLieroX

    Similar to Worms, OpenLieroX is fast paced and one of the best shooting games to date. Players are able to dictate...

  • Pax Britannica

    Pax Britannica is a game where up to 4 people can play at once. Each player holds the keys to an underwater ship and...

  • Plobb

    Plobb is a game that is based on Asteroids, although it has an exciting twist!

  • Sanctioned Renegades

    This shooting game allows players to team together and battle against the enemy in order to obtain their victory.

  • Sauerbraten

    This 1st person shooter is an Open Source game, so is constantly improving.

  • Scorched 3D

    In Scorched3D players will need to keep their wits about them to try and defeat up to 24 other players at the same...

  • Tiny Tumblers

    Use some side scrolling action to try and win in three different scenarios. Possibly the best setting is last man...

  • UFO: Alien Invasion

    Use your skills to ensure that earth is protected from the aliens that are trying to inhabit it. Use your researching...

  • Warsow

    This shooting game is actually built on the foundations on the Qfusion 3D, which in turn is based on Quake 2. Speed...