The increasing popularity of Mac games

Since the release of Steam for Mac a couple of years ago, the idea that Macs are not gaming machines has pretty much been entirely dropped. No longer do you have to buy a separate machine if you want to run games – Mac has close to everything to offer should you want the best machine for gaming.

Most all game types are supported – from FPS to casual gaming, your needs are sorted on a Mac. The only downside is that, at the best of times, gaming can be fairly costly, bordering on extremely expensive should you want all of the latest releases, but this is where casual gaming can come in.

As a rule, casual gaming is far cheaper than investing in other genres, especially because there tend to be a lot of free casual games. But what is it that makes casual gaming so good? Aside from the lower (or non-existent) price of the games, the fact is that casual games are extremely accessible.

Unlike other genres, casual games require very little in the way of experience – meaning that even if you are not a hardcore gamer, you can still benefit from and enjoy casual games, as they are designed to be open to everybody. It also means that anyone who wants to play a game can simply pick one up and start playing – there is no need to have completed any of it before, making it great for anyone who wants a distraction for an hour or two, without having to invest a huge amount of time and energy into the game.

To top it all off, more and more games are becoming available for the Mac. Although, typically in the past, there used to be far more games available for Windows leaving Mac users floundering, this is no longer the case. More and more developers realise the potential in creating games for both Mac and Windows users, simply because the market is open for both.

This means that even if you currently have a Mac and want to get into gaming, you can easily do this – there are plenty of Freeware games and the like out there designed for any system, or even exclusively for Mac. This gives you a huge amount of options, simply because the system is now so open. Even gambling firms have started to port their games for the Mac. If you want to play poker on your Mac, you can easily find several games to choose from.

When it comes to games, what ones should you get? There are plenty of Freeware games to choose from – i.e. games which you can download and play for free. However if you want to simply test a paid game first, then you may want to look into Shareware – these are games that effectively give you a demo of the game, before making you buy the product first if you want to continue with it.

In general though, Freeware games can be of extremely high quality. There are a lot of Freeware casual games out there to choose from, and for those who simply want a good time for a few hours, there is nothing to beat Freeware Mac games.